Tuscan Farmhouse

Tuscany Farmhouse #2

Tuscan Farmhouse #3

Blue sky red yellow fields tuscan farmhouse cypress trees and scrubs, blue foreground. Encaustic is an original one of a kind piece of art, no two can ever be the same even if you try. Encaustic is created by melting tree sap resin and beeswax as a medium and applying it to a wood substate. Pure pigment is added for various colors. Each layer is fused with a heat gun or torch to fuse them permanently together. When the painting is finished it is polished with a soft rag to a high gloss finish. No glass is used and they are usually on a cradled wood panel,  MDF board or on paper.

Medium:  Encaustic

Dimensions: 9″ x 12″ x 3/4″

Price: $350.00 USD

Availability: Call to Buy