What is Telamedera Fusion?

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What is Telamedera Fusion? I saw this technique on Oregon Art Beat one winter night. I was so inspired by the artist Alma de la Melena Cox and her technique that I ordered her book and decided to try it. Alma combined the Spanish words “tela” for fabric and “medera” for wood to express the combinations of vibrantly colored materials that make up this beautiful technique Telamedera Fusion. Collage Fusion is another word she uses for it.

Listed below are some places you can get her book – Collage Fusion

On Northern Light Bookshop

On Amazon

Alma Cox’s website


Supply list:

My process

Telamedera fusion

  1. Sketching design to fit cradle panel
  2. Woodburn design into wood or outlines
  3. Choose fabric and inks or acrylics to color wood background
  4. Iron on fusible web to back of fabric
  5. Lay all fabric pieces in place and fuse down with and iron onto inked surface
  6. Sign work and seal with varnish – 10 coats



I start with a design drawn out onto paper the size of my cradle panel. I then design what colors to use for the background and what colors of fabric I like to use for cut out elements.

Hoot Owl


Sometimes I do some wood burning around lines or on tree or sesign for interest or to make them stand out more instead of drawing a bold black line. I use wood cradle panels because they are lightweight and the top surface is a beautiful birch panel.  I use ink to stain them and it really brings the grain out, plus the inks are very brilliant.  I then take the fabric and iron fusable web unto the back. Then I cut out the design and lay them out how I want. The next process is to fuse down the fabric to the wood with an iron. Once this is done it is permanent. Once the work all is complete I cover it all with 10 layers of Liquitex high gloss acrylic varnish. This varnish seals and protects the fabric and ink plus it levels and makes a beautiful high gloss finish. Fabric absorbs light so once you varnish  the fabric emits light  by encapsulation in polymer. This process lets the colors maintain there brilliance and keeps them from fading. It takes a lot of planning to make it all work out but is well worth all the effort. Making a unique one of a kind art piece.


Here are some of my Telemadera Fusion pieces:

Moonlight Stroll, Blue sky, purple paper tree with white swirls muliti colored hills in batik fabric , flowers forground in bright fabrics
Midnight Stroll by Ivy Wreden


Purple batik bird in orange batik fronds purle blue foregorund
Bird in Fronds
Cheerful, telamedera fusion
Cheerful by Ivy Wreden

Bird in the March by Ivy Wreden


My Telamadera Fusion Pieces Available on Etsy Now[/vc_column_text]


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