Ivy wreden

Creating art challenges me to do something different and not in the same old way, it pushes me to stretch myself. Creating art is whatever form gives me energy and feeds my soul.  To stay spontaneous I am always learning new techniques to add to my talents. This challenges me and inspires me to play to keep things fun and new. My sister gave me a nice compliment saying no matter what I create in I always seem to master it and create something fabulous.

I am a versatile artist currently work in a variety of mixed medias; Encaustic, Pastel, Mosaic, Ink. A few years ago I taught myself how to create in encaustic. Encaustic intrigues me, it is very challenging to work with hot wax medium and get it down in one stroke. With encaustics I can get the depth I have been looking for and still incorporate all these other techniques I have learned over the years. There is such versatility with encaustic you can collage in it, make it realistic like oil or acrylic, embellish and add embed treasures, use photographs, stencils, the sky is the limit.

I currently do farm stays and housesitting for locals I set up my art space wherever I go. I am most inspired by things from nature; birds, animals, trees, landscape has become my favorite subject. I like to spend a lot  of my time outdoors in nature and in the elements, taking photos of the landscapes and paint the places I see that are so beautiful. Most of my current art has bold, strong colors. I have been creating landscapes in encaustic and pastel with rich colors and textures. I love how vivid I can get with the pure pigment, whether it is in pastels or encaustic, or the rich colors of the batik fabrics I use in my Telamedera Fusion.


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