Elderberries to Boost your Immune System

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Elderberries to Boost your Immune System


I have been drinking elderberry juice daily this last year in the fall, winter and spring to boost my immune system and hopefully not get colds or the flu. Last year I took a 1 tb a day in a 16 oz glass of water and that helped. I did catch a cold in the spring but kept taking this and it helped me get over it faster. This year I got sick already whie visiting my daughter and my 4 year old granddaughter ate after me. oh boy you think I would learn. My daughter Minden made this Elderberry tea and drank it all the way home. I was hooked and love the taste. So I have just spent the last few days steam juicing elderberries I picked in the valley. I picked up a steamer juicer at Bi-mart on sale. Last year I made prune juice with a  streamer juicer of a fiend of mine. What a great invention and it is  so easy to do.



Just place the fruit in top water in bottom then turn on high and steam which take about an hour. Then when you see the juice filling the hose, you placeyour hot jars under fill and can. Process in canner  5 minutes per pint or 10 min per quart.


The recipe for Elderberry Tea came from Wellness Mama. I am sharing my version as well with my new elderberry juice. I dried 3 driers full of elderberries, what a hastle that was, wow they are so tiny and a pain to get off the screens. I made some hand-made one out of cheese cloth. which worked great until getting them off. They stuck and had to pull them off the cheesecloth and  I had berries everywhere.

Dried elderberries
Dried elderberries

Recipe for Elderberry Tea:

Note do not drink on empty stomach. Can give you a stomach ache if you do so, as I have tried it.

Elderberry Tea

Place in sauce pan and heat up for 15 minutes if using dried berries or just heat up if using juice.

16 oz H2O

2 tb dried  elderberries or 3-4 TB elderberry juice

1/4 tsp cinnamon powder

1.2 tsp turmeric powder

Once heated pour into cup and add 1/2 – 1 tsp of honey to taste. Stir up and drink down while hot. Drink of full stomach or can give you a stomach ache.


Stove at Moore's
Stove at Moore’s


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