Cowboy Boot Mosaics


Here is a selection of a few of my favorite mosaic cowboy boots I have created. I have several color choices and designs. I have many for sale that are already created. Check out the FOR SALE page for options to purchase them. Or contact me for your custom order. I can create a custom boot for you with your keepsake china or a special color designs just for you or someone you love.

I use plywood as a backing that I cut by hand. I create a center design or center of interest usually with beads or chain for a design. I break up colored china or tiles to decorate the boot. Sometimes I add brooches, metal belt pieces, glass beads, tile designs or whatever I find or have at hand to give it a some interest.  Most of my work is recycled from china and found objects. I do make handmade ceramic tiles and buttons to add to pieces. I design the mosaic then glue all the tesserae down and grout it the next day. It is sealed so nothing can hurt it. They are for indoor use. Do not leave the mosaics outdoors in the elements.


I can personalize a boot for you by using your vintage china, adding keepsake items of  your choosing to create a special cowboy boot mosaic for yourself or a someone special. Custom boots I create are $ 225.00 each.  I ask for a down payment of ( 110.00) as a deposit. I can create a custom boot in the colors you would like which may include your own china or keepsakes or design you like best. Just shoot me an email or call me and I will get busy creating a one of a kind gift. All these boots above are just a few of the many boots I have created.

Give me a call if you’d like to get started on your personal cowboy mosaic!

These already made boots are sold for $ 175.00 each. See ones available under FOR SALE.