My Own Personal New Meadows Art Retreat

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My Own Personal New Meadows Art Retreat. here in Idaho. Wow I am super luck to have such great friend who have such a wonderful location for a month long art retreat. They have such a fantastic location. I am getting real spoiled. a 3 car garage for my encaustic studio. and a huge craft room for  my art projects with 2 tables. I am getting my exercise daily by taking the two dogs on walks in the woods.             I am putting encaustic gesso onto the 8″ x 8″ panels for the Little Big … Continued

Breakfast With No Eggs

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Breakfast With No Eggs I have had a skin rash for a long time. My Doctor said it looks like psoriasis. Looking that up I see eggs are one of the main causes. I have friends who do not eat eggs for this reason. So onto other alternatives I go. While visiting my friend in Walla Walla Alexandria I got hooked onto Steel cut oats with chia seed and fruit. Here is my version and recipe for a great filling breakfast. First I put 1/2 cup or so of chia seeds in a mason jar and cover well with almond … Continued

What is Encaustic?

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What is Encaustic ? The word encaustic comes from Greek and  means “to burn in”, after being applied, is fused by heat to the artwork’s surface. Its unique properties allow encaustic to appear Molten or solid, translucent or opaque, smooth or textural, thick or thin, shiny or matte,. It can be polished to an enamel like lustre or used with subtlety to create muted but illuminious surfaces. It can also be modled, sculpted, textured, or combined with collage materials. Encaustic is heated wax and damar resin combined with pure pigment for color.  Brushed on or poured onto a wood substrate, … Continued