What is Encaustic?

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What is Encaustic ? The word encaustic comes from Greek and  means “to burn in”, after being applied, is fused by heat to the artwork’s surface. Its unique properties allow encaustic to appear Molten or solid, translucent or opaque, smooth or textural, thick or thin, shiny or matte,. It can be polished to an enamel like lustre or used with subtlety to create muted but illuminious surfaces. It can also be modled, sculpted, textured, or combined with collage materials. Encaustic is heated wax and damar resin combined with pure pigment for color.  Brushed on or poured onto a wood substrate, … Continued

What is Telamedera Fusion?

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WHAT IS TELAMEDERA FUSION? Origin What is Telamedera Fusion? I saw this technique on Oregon Art Beat one winter night. I was so inspired by the artist Alma de la Melena Cox and her technique that I ordered her book and decided to try it. Alma combined the Spanish words “tela” for fabric and “medera” for wood to express the combinations of vibrantly colored materials that make up this beautiful technique Telamedera Fusion. Collage Fusion is another word she uses for it. Listed below are some places you can get her book – Collage Fusion On Northern Light Bookshop On Amazon Alma Cox’s website   Supply list: … Continued